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Recital Information

Our Recital Dates are June 2nd & 3rd

Recital News

Learning to dance can only begin in the classroom. Since dance is a performance art, students need avenues to develop dance skills on stage so they can take their classroom knowledge and put it into practice before an audience. For this reason, we plan a year-end recital event to showcase their skills. If you continue your classes at Stage Door Studios until the end of the season in June, you will want to participate in our year end recital. This performance opportunity is an important of the training process as students learn about theater, rehearsals, perfecting a dance, and showcasing their skills. The Stage Door Recital is an exciting event featuring the students in a professional style theatrical revue.

Stage Door plans for the recital far in advance by ordering costumes, planning dances, producing a program, and arranging sets and theatrical effects as early as October. However, the students will not begin learning their dances until March or April. We try to spend as much time as possible teaching dance technique and theory and devote only the time needed to choreograph the year end demonstration.

Recital Performance Package Fees are due by November 1st
(Includes Costume/Recital T-shirt/Digital Download)

For each class your child is enrolled in, if you plan on participating in recital, you will be required to purchase a costume. The costumes are ordered in November and two inches is added to their girth for the projected growth between ordering time and the show. Costumes will be passed out in April/May. All costumes fees are Non-Refundable and costumes will be given out after our Recital for non-participants.

Recital Tickets

Tickets for the recital performance will be for sale in April. Tickets start at $18 per seat, which pays for the theater, professional technicians, lighting, seats, programs, lobby displays, backstage organization, and other required needs. Tickets are only available online through our online ticketing company. Recital ticket Link

Recital Venue

The recital venue for the 2022-23 Season is Riverview High School.